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News & Information

Lifestyle and health care tips from Health Force of Georgia.

Deaths Caused by Alzheimer’s Disease Rising Rapidly in Georgia

Alzheimer’s disease is a debilitating illness that progresses over time. Its impact is felt across the state of Georgia by thousands of families. In fact, the number of Georgia residents dying from Alzheimer’s is growing at a rapid pace that exceeds the national average.

Remember the Caregivers on Memorial Day!

Remember the caregivers that take care of our wounded warriors now that they are home. The caregivers’ days are long with no days off. You can assist them by being there to help so they can have a break to take care of themselves. If you cannot be there, Health Force of Georgia CAN!

We Don’t Let Strangers into Your Home!

Are you looking for someone to provide care for your loved one in your home? You wouldn’t let someone into your home to do work without background knowledge about them or their skills. You’d ask for recommendations and testimonials. Hiring a person who works for a reputable known company is always safer than hiring someone who works independently without oversight. Learn how we choose our health caregiver employees…

Typical Memory Loss or Early Onset Alzheimer’s?

Have you noticed something is not the same with an aging parent or loved one? Maybe their memory is not the same or they can no longer do the monthly bills. Familiar tasks are difficult to complete, and they may forget where they are or where they are going. The brain of an Alzheimer’s patient shows a slow decline in reasoning, thinking, and memory. Slow declines may not be noticeable at first, but if you know what to look for, you can get help. Early and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease is important. We have a video to help you know what to look for…

Cindy Smith Promoted to Newly Created Position of Vice President, Operations at Health Force of Georgia

Health Force of Georgia is proud to announce that Cindy Smith has been promoted to Vice President, Operations at Health Force of Georgia. In her new role, Ms. Smith takes on full responsibility for all Home Care and Medical Staffing.Please join us in congratulating Cindy in her new role with Health Force of Georgia. We know she will do an outstanding job for clients.

Gift Cards for Home Health Care Services

Gift Cards for Home Health Care Services from Health Force of Georgia are the perfect gift when you cannot be there to help your loved one.

Tis the Season… Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression

Holidays are stressful enough and now add to that caring for an elderly parent or someone with dementia and you have a holiday recipe for depression. You want to enjoy the season, but you may be worried about an aging parent who is living alone or is no longer able to attend the traditional family gathering. You are not alone…

Georgia Waiver Programs Help the Elderly or Disabled Live in Their Home

Health Force of Georgia is an approved participating services-provider under the Georgia Waiver Programs.
Georgia Waiver Programs make it possible for eligible elderly or the disabled under the Georgia Medicaid Program to live in their home with home care services for little or no cost.

Would You Trust Your Loved Ones’ Care to a Franchise Operator?

Health Force of Georgia is a locally owned and operated home health care service. We are not a franchise. Our sole purpose is to deliver a wide choice of compassionate, home care and elder care services to families and their loved ones. Our owners have decades of experience providing a full range of health care services in the metro Atlanta area.

Health Force of Georgia brings together the pieces of the health care puzzle.

Solving the Home Health Care Puzzle!

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