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Health Force of Georgia Helps Dad to Live Independently

Father’s Day takes on a different significance when Dad is the one who needs help, rather than the one who is giving the help. We can assist Dad to remain proud and independent. Give us a call. Health Force of Georgia wishes all of our clients a Happy Father’s Day.

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month

Memories are the greatest things we can cherish in our lifetime and they are gone with the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s robs us of our loved ones even though they are still present. But how do you know it is Alzheimer’s and not just dementia?

Health Force of Georgia Helps Mom When You Can’t Be There

Health Force of Georgia wishes all of our clients a Happy Mother’s Day. We can be there to help Mom when you can’t. Sometimes life gets in the way and appointments conflict. Call Health Force of Georgia at (770) 458-8500 and let us help take care of Mom’s needs and get her what she needs.

Health Force of Georgia Teams Up With Uber

Health Force of Georgia has partnered with Uber Health to provide affordable, convenient transportation for seniors and clients in the metro Atlanta region. Uber Health is the most advanced, ride-hailing service in the nation. Now your loved one can get to the places they need to be quickly and comfortably simply by calling Health Force of Georgia at (770) 458-8500.

Do You Have a Plan if the Flu Strikes Your Family?

Sometimes you need temporary help when you have an elderly parent that is living alone or have a sick child, or if the main caregiver in the family has come down with the flu. Health Force of Georgia has trained home health care workers who will check in on you, do light housework or can even send a skilled nurse access your medical needs. Give us a call. We can help.

Caring for Elderly Before and After the Flu

The flu is a very serious problem with anyone over 65. Here are some suggestions and links for families and caregivers of seniors.

What to do when your aging parents need help

There comes a time in your life when you need to reverse roles with your parents and you become the caregiver. It may be that time now, or it may be coming. You should be prepared so you can do what is necessary to help your aging parents.

A Christmas Carol Story

Are You Living in Christmas Past?
You may not be aware that your aging family members are in need of help this Christmas. When you go home for the holidays keep your eyes open to see if all is well. You may find that things are not as good as you remember and your parents might need some assistance to be able to remain in the home you grew up in. We have put together a list of things to check to help assess Christmas Present.

Having ‘The Conversation’ with your Aging Parent Living Alone

Can Your Aging Parent Keep Living Alone?
Is it time for the family to have ‘The Conversation’ about that? In-home care from Health Force of Georgia offers seniors affordable, daily-living care by compassionate caregivers so your loved one remains living in the comfort and safety of their residence.

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