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Skilled Nursing Care At-Home in Metro Atlanta

Skilled Home Health Care for Patients in Need of a Higher Level of Clinical Care

At Health Force of Georgia, we know that loved ones may require in-depth medical care due to age or acute medical condition. We provide skilled nursing care to seniors, adults and children at-home by highly trained Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. Whether aiding recovery for a long-term chronic illness or short-term surgical procedure, our nursing staff stands ready to help patients return to their original well-being. We've been serving families in Atlanta, GA and surrounding counties for 30+ years. See our service area map!

Quality Alternative to a Nursing Home or Long-Term Care Facility

Having a family member receive skilled nursing health care services in the comfort of home compared to a nursing home or long-term rehabilitation facility provides a much closer degree of one-on-one attention – which could speed-up recovery time and health quality results. We offer compassionate nursing care, comprehensive clinical observation and professional assessment with careful RN supervision.

 Coordination of Patient Care

We work closely with third-party insurers, doctors and other healthcare providers to ensure coordination of care. This helps produce the best possible patient outcomes, improves quality-of-life and ensures dignity.

Coordination of Patient Care

Our Range of Skilled Nursing Services Include:

  • Complex wound care
  • Assisting patients with ventilators, tracheotomy tubes and other medical devices
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Intramuscular injections
  • roses-in-vaseG-tube or other feedings
  • Blood draws
  • Medication management and teaching
  • COPD care
  • Monitoring of health status
  • Rehabilitation assessment and management of care
  • Hospice assistance
  • Pain management
  • The transition from hospital care for:
    • Heart conditions
    • Seizure disorders
    • Joint replacement and orthopedic surgery
    • Ostomy and continence
    • Pneumonia
    • Other post-surgical care
Health Force of Georgia brings together the pieces of the health care puzzle.

Solving the Home Health Care Puzzle!

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